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Speaker Profile – Josh Lucas from Work Hard Pittsburgh

Jan 2018

Visionary, Small Business Strategist, Impassioned and Innovative Tech Community Leader. Yes, we’re talking about Josh Lucas of Work Hard Pittsburgh.

Josh Lucas, a coworking pioneer, is creating a counter-narrative to the established way of thinking about entrepreneurship. He has continued to enrich the community with a local alternative to growing small businesses and launching startups. Through a series of D-I-Y and grassroots initiatives accessible to everyone, entrepreneurs and small business operators alike are collaborating and finding practical ways to progress forward.

Strongly influenced by his many years as a teacher in an underserved community, Josh has continued to be inspired to find new pathways and access points towards economic independence. Josh went on to found Work Hard PGH, a business incubator, and community of digital freelance workers dedicated to creating a more inclusive entrepreneurial local ecosystem.

Josh Lucas will speak at 2:30 pm on Friday – Day 2 of the conference.

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