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Angel Kwiatkowski of Cohere

Mar 2018

Angel Kwiatkowski is the founder of Cohere, the first and largest community-managed shared office space in Fort Collins, Colorado. Since its opening in 2010, Cohere has helped more than 500 local freelancers and remote employees integrate within their community to achieve personal and professional success. Angel is a co-author of the first e-books regarding coworking and was the token female panelist at the first-ever Global Coworking Unconference and Conference (GCUC). She is also among the few female coworking consultants in America.

In addition to these firsts, she also founded Fort Collins’ first niche collaborative rehearsal space for musicians in 2015. Voted “Most Likely to Change the World” in high school, she confesses to being more enamored with the Junior Fire Chief post that she was awarded in third grade. A prior stay-at-home mom, Angel frequently bakes cookies and brownies for Cohere’s members in between taking conference calls and drum lessons. She just launched fo(co)works, a collaborative alliance of local coworking spaces (the first in Fort Collins, naturally). She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in organizational performance and change, and a certificate of participation.

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