The sweet core is a full-service creative studio focusing on Project Management, Marketing, Media Creation, and Good Design.

We can create pretty things, but without a strategy and management skills to implement projects, even the best design and message will be lost to your audience. The sweet core allows you to have a marketing team at your fingertips.

While we’re a small studio, we believe our size is a strength. We work closely with our clients, immersing ourselves in their business. We feel this is essential to understand their needs, goals, and also their company culture. Our size allows us to be quick, flexible, and scalable, allowing for a more unique and affordable marketing solution.

Building strong client relationships is key to their success and ours. The sweet core has enjoyed working with many fantastic Lancaster businesses and organizations, both B2C and B2B. We’re committed to the success of our clients.

Through integrated and comprehensive interaction with our point-of-contact, we can define goals, supply measurable results, and track successes while adhering to business objectives.

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients from Technology Solutions and Healthcare and Hospitality to small mom and pop shops and non-profits.

With 22+ years of work experience in design and marketing, we bring our knowledge and a fresh perspective to the table. We

can track the numbers and brainstorm ideas. We can design your brand, launch your website or campaign, but best of all, we can manage it all. That is our specialty: project management and smooth implementation.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your next project.


A few projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on.

Anne Kirby

Anne Kirby started her first design and marketing company in 1999 and formed The Sweet Core in 2012.

After working from home for many years and feeling the effects of social isolation, she acknowledged the need for a collaborative community and started The Creative House of Lancaster in 2007. Anne then founded her thriving coworking space, The Candy Factory, in 2010. Eventually moving into a larger space in 2014, the Candy Factory now inhabits 20,000 square feet of space in the historic Lancaster Storage Company.

Additionally, Anne facilitates an all-women’s meetup group called Kick-Ass Female Entrepreneurs. She speaks to organizations locally and nationally, including The House Small Business Committee in Washington D.C., on the topic of coworking, the gig economy, and cultivating community.

Anne has been recognized by the Technology Council of Central PA, Women in Technology 2019 Awards for her impact on entrepreneurial/small businesses, as well as The Central Penn women of influence, and is a 2018 SCORE Small Business Awardee.