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03 Jun 2019

PA Coworking Alliance Call

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PA Coworking Community – Working Together!

What is coworking?Per the coworking wiki,

“The idea is simple: independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone. Coworking spaces are about community-building and sustainability. Participants agree to uphold the values set forth by the movement’s founders, as well as interact and share with one another. We are about creating better places to work and as a result, a better way to work.”


Many coworking communities follow the guiding principles of community, collaboration, accessibility, openness, and sustainability. And while we share similar missions, we are all unique, catering to the individual needs of our members, and our numbers are growing. While that growth is exciting, we have started to see a real need for spaces to connect and collaborate statewide.

We truly believe in the power of working together to build this movement and the PA Coworking Alliance was born out of this belief. With community and collaboration are at the core of the coworking mission, we feel it only makes sense that community-focused coworking spaces from around the state of Pennsylvania join forces, helping each other build awareness while also encouraging community growth and success.

We can do this by offering each other support, connecting and sharing skills, forming a more structured statewide coworking visa program, marketing and lobbying together, collecting data on economic and community impact, as well as a possible Coworking PA Hybrid Membership and more.

Be part of something bigger while assisting in growing a sustainable coworking movement in PA.


We are just getting started and will be hosting our first community ZOOM on June 3rd at 2 PM. Fill out the join us form to be added to the list for the call, join the slack channel and to receive updates over the next few months. 
In this call, we’ll be discussing how to move the alliance forward, next steps and action items. We look forward to collaborating!


2019 Conference Details Coming Soon!


2018 Conference Summary

Coworking in PA is on the rise. With this exciting growth, several spaces recognized a need to come together as a coworking community to discuss and expand on the philosophy guiding our communities, collaboration, sustainability, and accessibility. The 2018 Coworking Conference was a great time to catch up, share what we’ve learned, and set an intentional course for the future of coworking in our state. Through that process, we are working to create a support network for each other as the movement grows.
The Candy Factory—a coworking community in Lancaster, PA that opened in 2010—hosted the first annual conference.
The goal was to discuss trends in the current coworking movement and how to best push the healthiest trends forward. Of course, we enjoyed many of these conversations in the best style of coworking—through the serendipity that can only occur when we combine a group of passionate and talented people in the same room (with beer, wine, and maybe a little whiskey). We had an amazing time building relationships and getting to know you all!

2018 Conference Featured

– Multiple featured speakers
– Multiple panel discussions
– Skill sharing opportunities
– Fun evening activities based on togetherness while enjoying the local flavor of Lancaster.

Click here to watch videos from the 2018 conference.